Programmes incorporating the following LIFE SKILLS:

SA's Leaders in Teen Development

Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Mindsets, Communication, Anti-Bullying, Brain Profiling, Diversity, Conflict Resolution, Healthy Eating,

Vision Boarding, Public Speaking, Learning Strategies, Survival Skills and President's Award.

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Latest Project:

Airplane built by teens.

Flying from

Cape Town to Cairo.


Intro to SmartTeens

Workshops, School & Holiday Programmes


Introduction to Smart Teens

Smart Teens Vision

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Here you will find the latest information on workshops we have planned with their relevant venues and dates. SmartTeens is constantly evolving and growing which is the reasons Teens and Adults keep coming back for more...

Our mission is to provide solutions that help families.

Here you will find a bunch of resources for Teens and Parents seeking to improve their lives and relationships with each other.


To Invest in yourself is the best investment of all...

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SMART Acronym Demonstrated

Bullying, Suicide prevention, Self Esteem building, Leadership development, Life Skills, Confidence Booster, Learning Methods, Better grades, Home Schooling, Entrepreneurship, Positive Mind Set, Dealing with conflict, Helping Teens Cope, Coping with challenges as a child, Study Skills, Dealing with Diversity